The HON code of conduct for medical and health web sites.


This site abides by the principles of the Health On the Net Foundation (HONcode) as indicated:


1.  Authority.  This site does not give any specific medical or health advice.


2.  Complementarity.   Any information provided directly from this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a site visitor and his/her physician or health care provider.


3.  Confidentiality.  This site respects the confidentiality of group members, as well as any website visitors.  Any email generated from this site is treated with confidentiality, and no email addresses, names, or phone numbers are given or sold to outside agencies.  All personal information given on this site is given with consent of the persons.  The web site owner endeavors to honor or exceed all legal requirements relating to medical or health information privacy in the state of Georgia, USA.


4.  Attribution.  Information supplied on this site is referenced where possible with HTML links.  Revision dates are clearly displayed at the bottom of the page.


5.  Justifiability.  There are no claims for benefits of any treatments, commercial products or services on this site.


6.  Transparency of authorship.  The email address of the web site owner, or "Webmaster",  is clearly indicated at the bottom of the page.


7.  Transparency of sponsorship.  This site is sponsored by the owners of


8.  Honesty in advertising and editorial policy.  This site is managed and maintained by the owners of, an Information Technologies management company.  Advertisements of any other kind are not required or solicited to administer this site.  The content of this website, as well as the group's activities, are independent of any business practices of