There are many good sites on the internet to research mood disorders.  The following are a small selection of sites that may be helpful.

About Bipolar Disorder
About Depression
Bipolar (Manic-Depressive) Disorder
Bipolar Home
Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association
Depression Depot
Dr. Ivan's Depression Central - Depression Resource Center
Learn About Depression 
Liberty County Mood Disorders Support Group 
Mental Health Channel - Bipolar Disorder
Mental Help Net
MH Connections
NAMI Georgia
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
National Foundation For Depressive Illness, Inc.
National Institute of Mental Health - For the public
NIMH - Bipolar Disorder
Pendulum Resources
Psych Central 
Undoing Depression
Walkers in Darkness, Inc.
Wing of Madness

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